AIT-SCAN Data Collection software has been designed to fit O.E.M. specifications for incoming and outgoing materials, allowing "Real Time" Inventory control, report generation, and automatic document generation for Electronic Commerce (EDI) Solutions.


  • Scanning/Verifying/Reconciliation of Inbound/Outbound Materials
  • Automatic Generation of Documents:  DESADV, ASN (856), Invoice(810) etc.
  • Real Time Updating of Inventory Database
  • Data Entry Screen for 856 and DESADV Advance Ship Notices
  • Built-in Upload/Download, Import/Export Capabilities to and from PC
  • Report Generation and Non Conformance Reports


  • Custom Application Interface
  • Cumulative Tracking and Bill of Lading Generation
  • Customizing as per Customer Requirements
  • Complete Installation and Training for both Hardware and Software
  • Technical Support for System Operation and Troubleshooting




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